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Out of Hibernation

Helllllo there!

It has been a LONG time.... much has changed since the last post- an engagement, a wedding, multiple job changes, life changes, and everything in between.... after alllll that , WE'RE BACK BABY! In the midst of all the change, I took a step back to re-evaluate what I wanted this space to be moving forward. I haven't quite come to a final answer but, what I do know is that I love educating and sharing things I love with YOU! If you're cool with it, follow along!

Moving forward, my goal is to send a monthly blurb about what I am currently loving and using. I just hopped on the Amazon affiliate bandwagon (after NUMEROUS suggestions since half of my wedding supplies came from Amazon) so the upcoming posts may contain affiliate links in which I would earn a small commission from the sales. I PROMISE I will only share products I use and love myself, so no need to worry about salesy spam!


If you know me at all you know this is my #1 piece of advice for ANYONE health/wellness wise. Now that warmer weather is creeping in for most of us, (sorry NY and CO friends 0:) ) and sweating is a daily occurrence, it is even MORE important to make sure you are replenishing! Not just quantity, but your water QUALITY is equally as big of a piece of the puzzle! There are so many pesky chemicals hiding in our tap water that FILTRATION is critical. Unfortunately/fortunately high functioning filters take out the good, the bad, the ugly, and we need to replete those crucial minerals that get lost!

I have been using the ProOne filter and adding some mineral FLAVOR (which helps me drink more water) using LMNT electrolyte packets (yes, they have a little bit of stevia and natural flavors if you pick a flavored kind, but pick your battles). My practice mentality is that there is always a best option, a better option, and a good option- choose what works for YOU! You can also stick with your Celtic sea salt, or Redmond real salt with lemon or fruit added to get that flavor in.

For a little afternoon protein and gut health boost, I have been adding Perfect Supplements Collagen to my flavored water (thanks to my functional med NP for this rec!). It is the perfect afternoon summertime refresh!

This is what I'm loving at the moment and hopefully it helps spark some joy for you to get your hydration in!

I'd LOVE to hear what you guys are curious about and want more info on so, PLEASE let me know!

Always here for thoughts or questions!

With love,


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