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Alllll the Wedding finds from Amazon!

Updated: May 8, 2023

When planning our wedding the top priorities -and money spenders- were great food, great photography/videography, and a great time! I like to think we knocked it out of the park! ;) As far as planning goes, the rest was just the rest.

This is a big reason why I turned to trusty old Amazon for decor and day-of goodies! Below are some pictures of the day and links to some of the big items. If you see something that isn't listed, just ask and I'll let ya know where I got it! As an Amazon associate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase using my shared links ( which I SO appreciate! <3 ). But, as with everything, I only share things I've personally used and would recommend!

Alllll the things!

Outfits- I wanted something comfffffyyy so I opted for jogger sets (the girls and mine) and fuzzy slippers! I chose these specifically because they were super soft but also had a wide neck area that made it really easy to take off after hair and makeup was done without messing either up!

Gifts for the girls- I got them travel/diaper/work/gym bags and some other goodies that I put in the bags! I picked these because they were SUPER versatile and had a little slot to slide over a roller bag for travel as well as an expandable bottom depending on how much stuff needed to be shoved into it!

Hair pins- these were so cute and very lightweight. A fan fave from our hair stylist too! There were a few different sizes in this pack which was great for mixing and matching and enough for all of us to use! I specifically picked the gold and pearl design to match the rest of the wedding decor.

Shoes- these were my "something blue" for the day. I added the stoppers to the bottom to keep me from sinking into the ground when walking around at the venue. I feel like the shoes were great for a short time but, probably not the best for a full day on your feet!

Decor- I am SOOO glad I went with fake flowers! As I am not a hugeee flower person, and Blake isn't a fan of the floral scent, I was totally on board with skipping the real thing. I spent wayyy less money and was VERY happy with how they looked! We used a few boxes of different ivory with greenery for the girls bouquets (which we put together ourselves- soo easy and totally worth it!) and the rest were spread out and used in bud vases or for other decoration around the venue. My bouquet came already assembled and just needed a little fluff! We had a floral and gauze table runner on our sweetheart table, as well as two smaller bunches on the large fireplace mantle. I picked out two different boutonniere's for the groomsmen and dads/grandad. The moms and grandmas had corsages which were so perfect! On the tables we had different size votives and lanterns with cylinder candles, floating candles and tea light candles. I was so pleased with how everything turned out!

Attire- My bridal shower dress, rehearsal dinner dress, and after ceremony dress all were so comfy and very reasonably priced!

Hope this helps for anyone planning a wedding, an event, or just looking for some ideas!

Always here for questions, thoughts, suggestions!

With love,


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